About Global National Parks

We are a team committed to promoting and conserving National Parks around the world. The mission of Global National Parks (GNP) is to spread the beauty and importance of these spaces, inspiring more people to explore and care for them. Through quality content and effective strategies, we aim to raise awareness and encourage responsible visits to these wonderful places. Join us as we discover the magic of National Parks together.


In our vision, we believe that as people immerse themselves in the knowledge and beauty of National Parks around the world, they will understand their value and be motivated to preserve them. We firmly believe that the best way to appreciate the importance of these natural resources is by visiting and exploring them. By experiencing the majesty of these environments firsthand, people will emotionally connect with them and become advocates for their protection.

We are firmly committed to the power of education. Through strong educational efforts, we seek to provide detailed information about National Parks, their biodiversity, history, and relevance in the global ecosystem. We believe that by providing enriching knowledge, we are empowering the global community to take responsibility for the conservation and protection of these natural spaces.


Our services focus on three main areas: education, promotion of National Parks, and organized travel promotion.

Regarding education, we offer a wide range of resources to inform and educate people about National Parks. This includes creating dedicated articles for each National Park, providing detailed information about its history, natural features, and highlighted activities. We offer interactive guides that provide visitors with practical references during their stay in the participating National Parks. We focus on raising awareness about the protection of endemic and endangered species present in the National Parks, promoting awareness of their importance, and fostering their conservation.

As for outreach and awareness, we strive to disseminate various strategies for the maintenance and care of protected areas. This includes writing and distributing press releases, establishing media relationships, and conducting communication exchanges with National Parks. We participate in conferences targeted at travel agencies and specialized exhibitions, where we highlight the attractions and benefits of visiting National Parks. We also leverage social media to engage with the community, sharing interactive content and promoting the exchange of posts related to National Parks. Additionally, we create opportunities with specialized sector magazines, expanding the dissemination and reach of publications.

Regarding promotion of organized travel to National Parks, we can work together to promote, advertise, and reach a wider audience of people interested in visiting the park. If you are a travel agency, tour operator, or a professional dedicated to enhancing sustainability through ecotourism, you can contact us to promote your services on Global National Parks.

Finally, we offer the option of National Park membership. This membership complements the official organizations of the National Park and establishes a collaborative relationship with the goal of promoting each park and its valuable natural resources. Members receive a variety of benefits and actively engage in the conservation and promotion of National Parks.

Our services are designed to provide an enriching, educational, and promotional experience, with the ultimate goal of inspiring people to visit and protect National Parks worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions about National Parks

What if a national park is not on the list?

If a national park is not on our list, inclusion is free for any official national park organization. If you are a representative of a national park and wish to be included, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact page indicated here: Contact.

How much does National Park membership cost?

National Park membership is free. If you are a representative of a national park or government entity, such as the Ministry of Tourism, and wish to have your national parks included, use the contact form to make the request.

Who can join Global National Parks?

There are three types of members in GNP. The first type is official national parks located worldwide. The only requirement is that the protected area is a national park, biodiversity conservation reserve, or a similar state-recognized area. The second type is supporting organizations that help people participate in and enjoy a specific national park. The third and final type is private reserves and conservation areas. If you work in this latter case, you can contact us to promote your facilities and enhance sustainability through promotion on our website.
If you are a national park organization or an organization that assists people in engaging with national parks and wish to become a part of GNP, please contact us through the contact form and send us your inquiry.

Who can submit images?

Any national park enthusiast can submit images. Our goal with the Global National Parks galleries is to showcase photographs that capture the essence and highlights of each national park. While submission does not guarantee inclusion on the site, if the photograph or image is of high quality, there is a high likelihood of it being included. We do not accept promotional images from businesses or services, except by prior agreement.

Who can contribute to the information page of a national park?

The editorial rights to the information in the national park articles belong to the official representatives and the national park itself. However, secondary authorities of national parks may request editorial privileges to support the mission of Global National Parks. If you wish to request these privileges, please contact us through the contact form, and we will make the necessary arrangements.