National Parks in Jamaica

In Jamaica, conservation agencies play a crucial role in the protection and management of protected areas, serving as the conservation body for Jamaica’s national parks. The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is the entity responsible for overseeing and safeguarding the country’s environmental resources, including land, timber, and water. NEPA works to ensure the long-term conservation of nature in protected areas, maintaining ecosystem services and preserving cultural heritage.

Jamaica Protected Areas Trust, Ltd. (JPAT) is a collaborative initiative between the public and private sectors, established with the goal of protecting the natural resources and biodiversity of the island where the country is located. This initiative has played a significant role in conserving and protecting the country’s natural resources since its establishment in 2004.

These agencies work closely with other organizations and local communities to implement effective conservation measures and promote awareness about the importance of safeguarding Jamaica’s valuable natural resources. Their work contributes to preserving the natural beauty, biodiversity, and cultural heritage of protected areas for present and future generations.

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