National Parks in Puerto Rico

For nature enthusiasts, the national parks of Puerto Rico are a true paradise. With 36 natural reserves, 19 state forests, around 300 beaches, and a tropical forest within the United States National Parks Service, there is much to discover and explore. Puerto Rico offers a unique diversity of ecosystems and landscapes that will leave you amazed.

Visit the best Puerto Rican ecotourism destinations, such as the Camuy River Cave National Park with its impressive caves, one of the largest underground systems in the world, or explore the urban center of Bayamón city at the Julio Enrique Monagas National Park, which boasts one of the best accesses by being within the city.

In San Juan Bay, you can also enjoy the wonderful Isla de Cabras National Park, with lovely views and dreamy beaches.

The biosphere reserves and natural reserves of the archipelago await you with their charming encounter between lush mountains and the Caribbean’s northeastern sea, inviting you to enjoy the landscape with hiking trails, horseback rides, and water activities like kayaking and canoeing. Travel to Puerto Rico by plane or boat and access the country’s parks, reserves, and protected areas by car or on foot.

List of National Parks in Puerto Rico

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