National Parks in Albania

Let’s explore the lush nature of Albania, venturing into its most beautiful and prominent national parks. Some of these natural wonders have been recognized by UNESCO as part of its World Heritage. In these enchanting destinations, you will find not only rich biodiversity but also a deep connection with culture, history, and thrilling adventures.

Here is a list of the 10 most impressive national parks in Albania.

List of National Parks in Albania

Protected Areas of Albania

Although Albania is a small country in size, its biodiversity richness is notable. Its diverse ecosystems and habitats host an impressive number of plant species, both vascular and non-vascular, as well as a wide variety of conifers and evergreens, many of which are endangered at global and European levels.

Recently, the country has taken significant steps to expand its network of protected areas, which now include 11 national parks in Albania, 1 marine park, 718 natural monuments, 23 managed nature reserves, 11 protected landscapes, 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites UNESCO, 4 Ramsar sites and other protected areas, altogether encompassing 21.36% of the territory.

Moreover, Albania has a biosphere reserve, 45 important plant conservation areas, and 16 important bird conservation areas. However, these protected areas face ongoing threats due to illegal logging, forest fires, and the construction of hydroelectric plants, leading to continuous protests by environmentalists and civil society. The national policy for government and management of these areas is overseen by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, through the National Agency for Protected Areas (AKZM).

What is the largest national park in Albania?

The following table displays the total area of the protected region for each national park in Albania:

National Parks in Albania
Fir of Hotovë-Dangelli National Park 34,361.1 hectares 2008
Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park 33,927.7 hectares 2008
Dajti National Park 29,384.18 hectares 1966
Prespa National Park 27,750 hectares 1999
Tomorr National Park 26,106 hectares 1996
Lurë-Dejës Mountain National Park 20,242 hectares 1966
Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park 12,570.82 hectares 2010
Divjakë-Karavasta National Park 22,230 hectares 2007
Valbonë Valley National Park 8,000 hectares 1996
Butrint National Park 9,424.4 hectares 1966
Theth National Park 2,630 hectares 1966
Shtamë Pass National Park 2,000 hectares 1996
Llogara National Park 1,010 hectares 1966
Fir of Drenovë National Park 1,380 hectares 1966