National Parks in Germany

Immerse yourself in the natural diversity and unparalleled beauty of Germany’s National Parks. Here, nature rules and man enjoys it. In the vast landscapes of the 16 National Parks, nature is at its peak. The result: pristine landscapes with an impressively diverse animal and plant world. Discover the elemental power of nature! Explore from the mighty mountains of the Black Forest to the towering coasts of the North Sea. Start your discovery journey right now!

List of National Parks in Germany

Protected Areas in Germany

In addition to national parks, Germany has other protection categories with varying degrees of protection and objectives:

  1. Special territorial protection: including nature reserves, protected landscapes, biosphere reserves, and nature parks.
  2. Protection of singular elements: such as natural monuments and elements of protected landscapes.
  3. Species and biotope protection: through specific habitat conservation measures.
  4. Natura 2000 Network: composed of Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas for birds, established under European Union legislation.

In total, in 2017, Germany had 8833 protected natural areas covering approximately 6.3% of its total surface area, encompassing an area of 26,275.10 km².

How Many National Parks Are There in Germany?

Map showing the location of national parks in Germany

Germany is home to a total of 16 National Parks, ranging from mighty mountains and dense forests to impressive coasts. These parks represent the country’s natural wealth and serve as refuges for a wide variety of animal and plant species, as well as places for recreation and biodiversity conservation. Each of these parks offers a unique experience for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.