National Parks in Panama

Panama’s national parks are managed by the Ministry of Environment (MIAMBIENTE). With a total of 15 national parks and protected areas, including natural parks and nature reserves, they are among the most important in the country. There are also other wetland conservation zones due to their ecological and cultural significance.

The country’s most extensive national park is Darien National Park, covering around 579,000 hectares, followed by Coiba National Park with 270,125 hectares, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Natural Park in Panama City is the smallest, spanning 265 hectares, and includes other protected areas and biosphere reserves.

Soberania National Park is one of the most accessible and visited due to its rich biodiversity, boasting numerous species of flora and fauna. Similarly, Chagres National Park features lush vegetation along Panama’s most important river. Additionally, La Amistad National Park is shared with Costa Rica, uniting the two nations in the conservation effort for the shared land. These protected areas play a crucial role in conserving Panama’s biodiversity and preserving its natural ecosystems.

List of Panama’s National Parks

Other Parks and Areas of Interest in Panama

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