National Parks in Angola

Travel to the incredible African nature with the National Parks of Angola and discover its lush wildlife, flora, and activities in the protected areas.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Angola has 14 protected areas covering 87,507 km² as of 2020, representing 6.97% of the country’s territory. These include 24 km² of marine areas, a minimal proportion compared to Angola’s total area of 493,753 km². Among these protected areas, 8 are national parks, 3 are partial reserves, 2 are integral nature reserves, and 1 is a regional natural park.

One of the most prominent transboundary protected areas is the Okavango-Zambezi, which covers areas in Angola as well as other neighboring countries.

Likewise, Angola has 11 important wetlands, among which the Saco dos Flamingos is designated as the country’s first Ramsar site in 2018. Other notable wetlands include Lake Carumbo in Lunda Norte, Lake do Arco in Namibe, the mangroves at the mouth of the Chiluango River in Cabinda, Lake Calumbo in Luanda, and Lobito Bay in Benguela.

BirdLife International identifies 23 Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) in Angola, hosting 915 classified bird species. Of these species, 202 are migratory, 32 are endangered, and 16 are endemic to the country. Additionally, 4 Endemic Bird Areas (EBAs) are recognized: the Gabon-Cabinda coast, the Namibian escarpment, the forests of northern Angola and western Zaire, and western Angola.

These protected areas and wetlands play a crucial role in conserving biodiversity in Angola and are of great importance both nationally and internationally.

List of National Parks in Angola

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