Cameia National Park in Angola, Africa

Location and General Description of Cameia National Park

Situated at the eastern end of Angola, the Cameia National Park (Portuguese: Parque Nacional da Cameia) is a rich and diverse ecosystem spanning over 1440 km².

Panoramic of Cameia National Park

History and Foundation of the Park

Cameia National Park was established in 1935 as a hunting reserve and was later designated as a national park in 1957.


Park Topography

The park is characterized by vast flooded plains, interspersed with savannas and forested areas.

Rivers and Lakes

The park is known for its numerous bodies of water, including Lake Cameia and Lumege River.


The climate is tropical with distinct dry and wet seasons.



The park boasts a variety of vegetation, ranging from savannas to dense forest zones.


It is home to numerous wildlife species, including antelopes, elephants, and a variety of water birds.

Endemic and Endangered Species

The park serves as a refuge for several endangered species, which are protected and studied for conservation purposes.

Attractions of the Park

Hiking Trails and Points of Interest

The park offers impressive hiking trails that traverse its diverse landscapes.

Wildlife Watching

It is a popular destination for wildlife watching, especially for bird enthusiasts.

Fishing Activities in the Lakes

Fishing in Lake Cameia is another popular activity among visitors.


Conservation Challenges

The park faces various conservation challenges, such as poaching and deforestation.

Conservation Programs and Strategies

There are various ongoing programs and strategies to address these challenges and protect the park’s biodiversity.


How to Get There

There are several ways to reach the park, including by road and air.

Infrastructure and Accommodation

Although facilities are basic, there are several accommodation options near the park.

Visitor Regulations and Recommendations

Visitors are subject to a set of regulations to ensure their safety and the preservation of the park.

Local Impact

Contribution to the Local Economy

Tourism in the park significantly contributes to the local economy, providing employment and business opportunities.

Local Communities and the Park

Local communities play an important role in park conservation and tourism.

Cameia National Park in the Angolan Context

Comparison with Other National Parks in Angola

Although less known than other parks in Angola, Cameia National Park is equally important for the conservation of the country’s biodiversity.

Cameia National Park and Conservation Policy in Angola

Cameia National Park plays a significant role in Angola’s conservation policy, serving as a model for protected area management.

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