Accommodations in Los Alerces National Park

Within Los Alerces National Park, there are various lodging options available, including cabin complexes, lodges, and campgrounds. These choices allow visitors to select the one that best suits their needs and preferences to enjoy their stay in the park.

There are different accommodations depending on the entrance you will use to access the park. Choose the one that fits your visiting plans best.

Campgrounds and Paid Campsites

There are paid campsites in Los Alerces that provide a variety of services and amenities for visitors. These campsites are equipped with reception and administration facilities, restrooms, tables and benches, designated areas for campfires, drinkable water, waste management and area cleaning, fire extinguishing systems, first aid and a first aid kit, lighting, and electricity. These services ensure a comfortable and secure camping experience amidst the park’s natural surroundings.

Lago Futalaufquen (Lake Futalaufquen)

Campamento organizado y domos Los Maitenes

Campamento organizado y cabaña Rahué

Campamento agreste Las Lechuzas

Hostería Quime Quipan

Hostería y campamento organizado Pucon Pai

Hostel Cume-hue

Complejo Bahía Rosales

Campamento agreste Las Rocas

Lago Krugger (Krugger Lake)


Lago Verde (Green Lake)

Cabañas, campamento organizado y agreste Lago Verde

Lago Rivadavia (Rivadavia Lake)

Campamento agreste Puerto Cañero

Campamento agreste Tres Bahías

Campamento organizado Lago Rivadavia

Campamento Agreste Bahía Solis

Complejo Pilmaiquen

Southern Zone

Campamento agreste en Río Grande en límite fronterizo

Outside the National Park

Sitio oficial de Esquel

Sitio oficial de Trevelin

Sitio oficial de Cholila

Experience comfort, hospitality, and harmony with nature in the accommodations available at Los Alerces National Park. Every moment will be an opportunity to explore this unique environment, where you’ll discover the perfect balance between comfort and connection with nature. Additionally, you can savor typical Argentine cuisine at many of these accommodations and, if you prefer, discover the highly recommended restaurants in Los Alerces National Park.