Lomas de Padierna National Park

Explore the marvelous world of Lomas de Padierna, a naturally protected area in Mexico. With its rich history, towering natural diversity, and endless opportunities for exploration, the Lomas de Padierna National Park (in Spanish: Parque Nacional Lomas de Padierna) invites you to embark on an unforgettable adventure.


Lomas de Padierna National Park

Geographical Location

Lomas de Padierna, located in the vibrant city of Mexico, offers a break from urban life. Nestled within the Federal District, this park will surprise you with its natural beauty encompassing the municipalities of Magdalena Contreras, Alvaro Obregón, and Tlalpan.

Brief History of Lomas de Padierna

The Lomas de Padierna area has a rich history dating back to pre-Hispanic cultures. The park remains a place of cultural significance for the local community. The park was established on April 22, 1938, and covers an area of 1,161.21 hectares.

Natural Features

Flora and Fauna

The park is home to a wide variety of native plant and animal species. From cacti and agaves to hawks and raccoons, Lomas de Padierna is a sanctuary for biodiversity.

Geology and Topography

The geology of Lomas de Padierna is diverse and fascinating, with impressive rock formations and slopes offering panoramic views. It is situated in La Magdalena de Contreras, on a hill called Cerro del Judío, to the northwest between the neighborhoods of Los Cedros.


The climate in Lomas de Padierna is typically warm and dry, with occasional rainfall in the summer. The average temperature of the area is 16.6 °C, reaching up to 28 °C by the end of spring. During winter, there is a drastic temperature shift, occasionally dropping to -5 °C.

Cultural and Historical Value

Historical Importance

Lomas de Padierna holds significant historical importance, housing various archaeological sites and traces of past cultures.

Archaeological Sites and Heritage

The area is rich in historical relics, with archaeological sites and heritage buildings scattered throughout the park.

Touristic Activities

Hiking and Excursions

The numerous hiking trails and stunning views make Lomas de Padierna an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Nature Observation

With its diverse flora and fauna, the park is an exceptional place for birdwatching and nature photography.

Landscape Photography

The breathtaking natural landscapes and changing light throughout the day make Lomas de Padierna a paradise for landscape photographers.

Environmental Education and Conservation

Environmental Education Programs

The park offers various environmental education programs focused on instilling the importance of conservation and respect for nature.

Conservation Efforts

Aware of the significance of this ecosystem, continuous efforts are made for the conservation and maintenance of Lomas de Padierna.

How to Get There and Visitor Tips

Public and Private Transportation

There are several ways to reach Lomas de Padierna, whether by public or private transportation, making it an accessible destination for everyone.

Best Season to Visit

Although Lomas de Padierna is beautiful throughout the year, the best time to visit is during the dry season, when the weather is more predictable and hiking trails are in their best condition.

Visitor Recommendations

To fully enjoy your visit, make sure to wear comfortable footwear, sunscreen, and always respect the park’s rules and nature.

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